Duration :   10 Days
The Price :    750,00
Start Location:   CASABLANCA
Age Range :   5-80
Total Seats :  99/100
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Is a huge metropolis, is the biggest city in Morocco, one of the most significant economic center in the region of Africa, is presently advancing its Tourism sector, the city has turned into the financial and business center of the country. Casablanca has some wonderful architecture so once you have oriented yourself, take some time to look upwards occasionally. Casablanca is the country’s economic capital and it represents Morocco on the move. Casablanca is where the money is being made, where the industry is, where art galleries show the best contemporary art and where fashion designers have a window on the world

RABAT: Is the modern capital of Morocco. Is Morocco’s political and administrative capital since independence in 1956. Life in Rabat is pleasant and civilized, it’s easy to discover the city’s monuments and hidden corners at you own pace. Rabat has long and rich history and plenty of monuments to show for it, from the Phoenician, Roma, Amohad and Merinide time. SALE Is the twin city to the Moroccan capital of Rabat. Is one of Moroccan’s hidden gems, it is not on the traditional travel agenda for most who go on Morocco Tours, but by taking a trip to this laid-back, ancient city, you will see a side of Morocco that the guidebooks often miss and have a chance to discover the friendly ambience of a traditional Morocco working class town. When visiting SALE, take the time to visit some of the town’s ancient religious monument, walk dawn to the shores of the BouRegrag and watch as brightly colored boats unload their daily catch.

MEKNES: Is known as the Versailles of Morocco, it was once the heart of the Moroccan Sultanate. It is quieter , smaller and it’s worth at least a couple of days exploration, which include a trip of the Roman Ruins of Volubilis and the hilltop tomb of Moulay Idriss.

MOULAY IDRISS: is named after Morocco’s most revered saint, a great grandson of the prophet Mohamed and the founder of the country’s first real dynasty. His tomb is at the heart of the town, and is the focus of the country’s largest MOUSSEM every August. A huge pilgrimage for many it is accompanied by fantasias, market, singing and dancing. Saturday is market day and is a more lively time to be in Moulay Idriss .

VOLUBILIS: The largest and best preserved Roman Ruins in Morocco, the most attractive features without doubt are the stunning mosaics,

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